Check out 3 techniques to improve productivity at work

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Check out 3 techniques to improve productivity at work

Notapor rahimabinte » Lun Nov 14, 2022 11:59 am

Driven by the need to achieve goals and objectives many entrepreneurs and employees integrated into a company's staff seek to optimize the way they work. More than delivering quality work, they want to do it quickly, saving time to dedicate themselves to other tasks later. If you are part of a company, or even lead a team, you have certainly noticed that the pace of each of your employees varies: some people manage to optimize their time and do everything that was asked of them in a shorter period of time than they were supposed to. , while others prolong the work for hours and hours, finishing it when they should already be busy with another task.

Since we believe in optimizing Job Function Email Database production processes in the workplace we dedicate this article to some available techniques to be faster in what you do and, in addition to being quick, to be able to deliver quality work. Over the next few paragraphs we present 4 tricks to speed up your production pace. 3 techniques to improve productivity at work 1 – Keep It Simple, Stupid Also known as KISS , the Keep It Simple, Stupid technique – Keep it simple, stupid – get straight to the point and plan around it. Using the concept developed by the US Navy in the 1960s, KISS says that if you want to be more productive with the time you have, the best thing to do is value simplicity and believe that unnecessary complexity should be discarded.


It is a general principle that values ​​the simplicity of the project and advocates that all unnecessary complexity should be put aside: spreadsheets, calendars and online tools. It serves as a useful formula in several areas such as software development, animation, engineering in general and in strategic planning. It is also applied to Literature , Music and the Arts in general . According to this technique, most systems work best if they are kept simple, that is, without getting complicated or becoming more complex over time.
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