Meta description what importance in SEO

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Meta description what importance in SEO

Notapor labonylabony » Jue Sep 29, 2022 12:58 pm

When it comes to SEO we all know that Meta description plays a vital role. However not everyone knows what this role is or how to optimize it in order to promote the indexing of a web page within search engines. In this article, we propose to explore this subject in detail. This will allow you to better understand what a Meta description tag is and why it is important to optimize it. Meta description: what is it? First, the Meta description is an HTML tag. It is found in the source code of a web page and is one of the best known tags in SEO. This tag is intended to be read not by Internet users, but by search engines.

Its content allows users to have a better understanding and description of the page in question. And as its name suggests the Meta description consists only of the summary of the topic discussed in a web page. Why and how to optimize the Meta description tag? The importance Country Email List of the meta description tag The Meta description tag is very important for SEO. Above all, it allows Internet users to have a small preview of the content of the page when they do a search on the Internet. Indeed, the Meta description is visible in search engine results pages, because it is located just below the title and URL of each result.


It is also most often this small description that determines whether Internet users will click on the page or not. What causes its importance in increasing the click-through rate. However, to better serve the SEO referencing of a web page, this tag must necessarily be optimized. Here are a few tips to put into practice: The Meta description must above all be unique and reflect the content of the page. It must also be the correct length (between 150 and 160 characters). In addition, it must have different content from the title tag. It must also be composed of a marketing hook and a description of the content of the page. Finally, it is essential for SEO that the Meta description tag contains key words or phrases. This will optimize your referencing both on your texts and on your images.
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