9 Ideas To Increase Your Online Sales By The End Of The Year

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9 Ideas To Increase Your Online Sales By The End Of The Year

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The most atypical Black Friday ever is over! Based on the data we are monitoring from our customers. Expectations have been exceeded and the volume of online purchases in our country has never been so high. Now the question is: what can you implement in your online store in terms of offer and communication to continue guaranteeing online sales until the end of the year? I suggest you nine ideas that you can put into practice in your online business to generate sales in this last month of 2020. Index [ hide ] 1. Bet on Gift Cards 2. Share suggestions for a New Year's Eve at home 3. Develop a Christmas offer to include in all orders 4. Offer a special Christmas gift 5. Offer free shipping on all orders until Christmas 6.

Launch a new product 7. Send an exclusive offer to your VIP customers 8. Make lightning offers 9. Support a cause 1. Bet on Gift Cards For starters gift cards have a big advantage they generate new traffic to your online store. Traffic that more than being qualified, will actually convert into sales. In addition to being Belize Phone Number a product that can communicate as the perfect last-minute gift , it can also benefit from a “second sale”, if users make a purchase greater than the value of the gift card they received. This is where your online store comes into play, which should make an excellent impression on the new user, so that they feel confident buying your products . Promote your gift cards through social media and to your database.


If your followers customers and subscribers have offered a gift card from your online store to their friends and family. Chances are they will also become followers customers and subscribers of your brand. Example Zippy's new digital card 2. Share suggestions for a New Year's Eve at home At the time of writing this article, the measures that will be adopted to control the covid-19 pandemic during Christmas and New Year are not yet known. Therefore, and playing it safe, I will assume that they will be restrictive and that we are most likely to enter 2021 in the safety of our homes. How can your brand, and your products or services, help consumers with this issue? How can you make your customers.
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